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12 Step Vetting process

Ensuring Your Child's Safety and Happiness at Transcend

At Transcend Childcare Talent, your child's safety and well-being are our paramount concern. That's why we have implemented a rigorous 12-step vetting process for all our nannies, governesses, and childcare professionals. This comprehensive screening ensures we connect you with only the most qualified, experienced, and trustworthy individuals who share our passion for nurturing young minds.

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In-Depth Interview

We conduct comprehensive interviews to assess a candidate's qualifications, experience, childcare philosophy, and overall suitability for the role.

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Reference Verification

We meticulously verify all references provided by the candidate, contacting past employers and personal references to get a well-rounded understanding of their performance and character.

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Enhanced Background Checks

We conduct thorough background checks, including criminal record checks (DBS checks in the UK) and verification of identity documents.

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Qualifications Verification

We verify all academic qualifications and certifications presented by the candidate to ensure they possess the necessary credentials.


Skills Assessment

We conduct skills assessments to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in areas like CPR, first aid, child development, and other relevant skills depending on the position.


Language Fluency Testing

For bilingual nannies and governesses, we assess their fluency in both languages through written and spoken tests.


Personality Profiling

We utilize personality profiling tools to gain insights into a candidate's personality traits, ensuring compatibility with your family's values and dynamics.


Medical Clearance (optional)

With your consent, we can facilitate medical clearances to ensure the candidate's overall well-being and ability to perform their childcare duties effectively.


Driving Record Check (if applicable)

For positions requiring driving responsibilities, we verify the candidate's driving record and ensure they possess a valid driver's license.


Home Visit (upon request)

We can conduct a home visit to the candidate's residence, with their permission, to get a better sense of their personal environment.


Trial Period (optional)

In some cases, we can facilitate a trial period to allow you to observe the candidate's interaction with your children in your home environment before making a final decision.


Ongoing Monitoring

Even after placement, we maintain communication with both you and the childcare professional to ensure continued satisfaction and address any concerns that may arise.

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